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Learning Moment Archive

Change Management: Learning Moment
May 2017

I4PL Personalities: Learning Moment
April 2017

Building Bridges: Collaboration at Work
November 2016

Positively Influencing Stakeholders
October 2016

Labour and Employment Law: Year in Review and Update
May 2016

Developing People
February 2016

Labour & Employment Law: Year in Review & Update

Learning Moment Bundle: Emotional Intelligence
Facilitator: Monica Olsen
May 2016

  1. How to Emotionally Read Other People
  2. How to Prevent or Reduce Defensive Behaviour
  3. Enhancing Optimism and Stress Tolerance

Effective Working Relationships between Hospitals and Physicians
March 2016

It’s a New Game: Leading Complex, Continuous Change
February 2016

Researcher-turned-patient: My week 'on the inside
January 2016

Effectively Engaging All the Generations Presentation Slides
Greg Witz, December 15, 2015.

Article for Reflection: Silence Kills: The 7 Crucial Conversations in Healthcare
October 2015

Article for Reflection: Balance is a Faulty Metaphor
September 2015

Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness Presentation Slides
Mary Yates, September 25, 2015