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Leading During Periods of Change

Session Description: 
Organizations excel in planning for the tactics of change, whether it’s implementing a new process or adjusting organizational culture. What is often overlooked are the team member’s emotional reaction. Providing tools to ensure authentic, open communication reduces people’s natural resistance to change and empowers them to take a personal ownership in the changing culture.

Participants of this session will explore the transition of change, gaining insight into what
causes negative emotional response and resistance. They will develop their awareness of emotional cues and learn how to effectively manage situations that involve heightened emotion, both positive and negative, from conflict to success. Participants will be equipped with the skills to strategically adjust their communication to manage dynamic interactions to build a dedicated, united team.

Key Learning:
• The emotional impact of change
• How to support team members during periods of change
• Techniques to stay objective during periods of heightened emotion

Session Audience: All staff, volunteers and physicians

Session Duration: 1 hour

Date/Time: Thursday April 27, 1200-1300, Berwick Family Auditorium