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How to Cope with Change and Uncertainty

Session Description:  This session looks at some of the stresses in life and work, and provides a light-hearted, yet practical approach to how individuals and managers can manage their way through the various challenges. The airline analogy of “putting on your own mask, before putting the mask on others” talks about the importance of achieving greater self-control and confidence as a key step in helping others through stressful times.

Course Audience: All Mackenzie Health Staff, Physicians, and Volunteers   

Date/Time: Friday, May 26, 2017, 1200-1300

Course Location: Corporate Boardroom (Level 1, D-Wing, Room 1301)

Course Facilitator: Carl Aspler, President, Carl Aspler and Associates

Registration:To register, please accept the Outlook calendar invite in your email to confirm your spot.  If you did not receive the invitation, please send an email to learningacademy@mackenziehealth.ca