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Contact Us - Hospital Wayfinding


Patients and visitors can use our electronic wayfinding system to find departments, clinics, shops and food services across the hospital. The list below is in alphabetical order to make your search easier or simply type in a keyword in the search field for a list of options. Once you click on the title you're looking for, you'll be presented with the Hospital wing, level/floor number, elevator to use and a floor map.

Wayfinding - Full Building Layout

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Click any department name to see the floor map

Department Wing Level Elevator
Administration - Executive Offices B 4 B
Berwick Family Auditorium D 1 D
Bone Density C 2 C
Cafeteria Central Bistro C 2 C
Cardiac Care Unit C 4 C
Chemotherapy and Medical Day Unit B 2 B
Chronic Kidney Disease Program D 1 D
Colonoscopy C 5 C
Community Care Access C 1 C
Continuing Care Centre A 4 A
Continuing Care Program/Integrated Stroke Program A 2 A
Continuing Care Program/Palliative Care Unit A 3 A
Coronary Care Unit D 3 D
CT Scan C 2 C
Day Surgery C 2 C
Dialysis A 2 A
Dialysis D 1 D
ECG Echocardiography C 1 C
EEG Lab C 5 C
Endoscopy Clinic C 5 C
Express Admission Unit C 4 C
Facility Services B 1 B
Family Birthing Centre (L&D) C 5 C
Financial Services C 2 C
Fluoroscopy (Medical Imaging) C 2 C
Foot Clinic C 2 C
Fracture & Plastics Clinic C 2 C
Geriatric Outpatient Services A 1 A
Gift Shop C 2 C
Hand Clinic C 2 C
Health Records C 1 C
Human Resources A 1 A
INFORMATION (Main Entrance) C 2 C
Inpatient Medicine C 3 C
Inpatient Medicine D 3 D
Inpatient Surgery C 4 C
Intensive Care Unit - ICU D 5 D
Interim Longterm Care A 1 A
Internal Medicine Exam B 2 B
Laboratory - Blood Work C 1 C
Library D 1 D
Long term Care A 5 A
Long term Care A 4 A
Mammography (Medical Imaging) C 2 C
Maternal Fetal Medicine / Genetics B 2 B
Medical Imaging (X-Ray) C 2 C
Medicine / Telemetry D 3 D
Meeting Rooms 1155 / 1159 / 1152 D 1 D
Mental Health Inpatient Services C 3 C
Mental Health Outpatient Services B 3 B
Mental Health Outpatient Services B 5 B
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) C 1 C
Nephrology Clinic D 1 D
Nuclear Medicine C 1 C
Occupational Health & Safety B 2 B
Occupational Therapy B 2 B
Ophthalmology Clinic C 2 C
Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation D 4 D
Orthotics Therapy Office C 2 C
Patient Registration C 2 C
Patient Relations C 2 C
Pharmacy (Retail Store) C 2 C
Physiotherapy D 4 D
Plastic Surgery Clinic C 2 C
Pre-Admit (Surgery) Clinic C 2 C
Pre-Operative Clinic C 2 C
Pulmonary Function B 2 B
Rehabilitation Inpatient Services D 4 D
Respiratory Medicine C 3 C
Respiratory Therapy C 1 C
Shaw Child & Family Mental Health Outpatient Services B 5 B
Spiritual Care B 5 B
Stress Test C 1 C
Stroke Prevention Clinic B 2 B
Tim Horton's B 2 B
Ultra Sound (Medical Imaging) C 2 C
Urology Clinic C 5 C
Volunteer and Community Resources B 5 B
Women & Child Program - Breastfeeding Clinic C 5 C
Women & Child Program - Family Birthing Centre (L&D) C 5 C
Women & Child Program - Maternity C 5 C
Women & Child Program - Neonatal Intensive Care Clinic C 5 C
Women & Child Program - Pediatric Urgent Care C 5 C
Women & Child Program - Pediatrics C 5 C
Wound Clinic B 2 B


Mackenzie Health / 10 Trench St. Richmond Hill, On. L4C 4Z3 / Richmond Hill Line: 905-883-1212 or Vaughan Line: 905-832-4554 / TTY Service: 905-883-2123