Live Construction Site Camera

Announcement Date: June 2, 2017

Since the official groundbreaking in October 2016, the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital has been moving forward at full speed. During the last few months, the focus has been to advance the world-class design as well as construction on the site. Bulk excavation for the main building started in early May and we anticipate the foundation will start being poured in late June. This is an exciting time in the construction process and an important milestone in making the new hospital a reality!

To help keep our communities up to date on the construction, a live camera that overlooks the construction site is now available. Please access it at this web address: When accessing the link, you will be able to see a series of images taken every ten minutes, as well as see them as a time-lapse video.

A brief time-lapse video highlighting the activity April-May 2017 on the site is also available on Mackenzie Health’s YouTube Channel– click here to access it.