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Patients & Visitors - Patient & Visitor Safety - Medication Safety


Medication can be powerful healers. They can also be dangerous if taken incorrectly. Please help us to help you by being aware of your pre-admission medications, both prescription and over-the-counter as well as notify your health care professional about any natural products you might be taking. Your complete medication list is compared to prescribed medications in hospital to identify any possible confl icts. This process is called Medication Reconciliation.


Prior to admission:

  • Maintain an accurate list of all your medications. This will be useful if admitted to hospital. Include all medications as well as over-the counter and natural products.
  • Ask your community pharmacist(s) to run a list of your medication history, not only currently prescribed medications, but those that you have been on in the last few months to ensure they do not confl ict with any new ones
  • If possible, participate in the MedsCheck Process at your community pharmacy. This is an opportunity for your local pharmacist to review your medications and identify any issues that may need to be followed up.

Upon admission to hospital:

  • Bring all your medications with you. Be sure to tell your caregivers how you are actually taking these medications (according to the directions on the prescription or otherwise).
  • Ask about the medications your newly prescribed medications. What are the possible side-effects, dose. If you have received a change in prescription ask for any clarifi cation to use. Feel free to speak with the pharmacist who works on your unit.
  • Tell your caregiver about any allergic reactions or side-effects to newly prescribed medication. Reactions could include/: itchiness, hives, rashes, swollen tongue, etc.
  • When you are being discharged, seek clarifi cation around any instructions regarding your medication. Also, clarify whether or not you should continue to take the medications that you were taking prior to admission and if so, if the directions remain the same or have changed.
  • When you are back in the community and fi lling your discharge prescriptions at your local pharmacy, also bring your list of medications (prior to admission). The pharmacy can review any changes to your medication regimens prior to admission as well as upon leaving the hospital.
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