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Patients & Visitors - Services and Amenities - Parking & Rates


Where can I find visitor parking?


The North visitor parking lot (our main parking lot) is located on the North side of Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, on the west side of Trench Street, directly across from D-Wing, near the Emergency Department. Our South visitor parking lot is located on the south side of the hospital, on the south and east side of A-Wing.  Both visitor parking lots are gated.


Short-term parking is available at the south end of the hospital, close to the Main entrance of A-Wing. Parking here is limited and features a “Pay and Display” ticket system with a one-hour maximum time limit. Passes cannot be used in this area.


A Drop-off area is located in front of the Emergency Department entrance. *Please note that there is a 10-minute maximum time limit when picking-up and dropping off guests.  The drop-off area is monitored regularly by Hospital Security and vehicles must never be left unattended.


Accessible Parking spaces are located within both gated visitor parking lots, as well as in our short-term parking area and within our Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) parking lot at the rear of A-wing.  All vehicles utilizing these spots must clearly display a valid Ministry of Transportation accessible parking permit at all times. Cars parked in the accessible parking spaces within our non-gated lots must also display a valid “Pay and Display” proof of payment on the vehicle dash.  


Please be advised that parking at Alexander Mackenzie High School (300 Major Mackenzie Dr. W. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3S3) and at the York-Med Medical Centre (250 Harding Blvd W, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9M7) is not allowed for hospital patients and visitors. Strict enforcement by the Town of Richmond Hill is in effect and vehicles parked illegally will be tagged and towed away at the owner’s expense. 


Mackenzie Health Parking Site Map


Parking Rates

Each ½ hour

(up to a maximum of 2 hours then Daily Maximum rate applies)



Daily Maximum




Day Pass** (24 Hours, Unlimited In/Out Privileges****)




5 Day H PASS***(Non-Consecutive Use, Unlimited In/Out Privileges****) 


Starting October 1, 2016, patients and visitors can purchase and activate an
H PASS card in the Parking Office or by calling (416) 398-4052 ext. 585 during standard business hours.


Registered H PASS cards allow you to track your usages online. Click on the image below and enter your registered
H PASS card number for more details.


H Pass logo


10 Day H PASS***(Non-Consecutive Use, Unlimited In/Out Privileges****) 


30 Day H PASS***(Non-Consecutive Use, Unlimited In/Out Privileges****)



*Rates are subject to change


** Day passes are available from either the Parking Office, located at the North visitor parking lot entrance or at any Pay Station.


*** H PASSes can be purchased from the Parking Office only. 


****In/Out privileges allow you to use the gated North visitor parking lot at your discretion, enabling you to enter/exit the parking lot, as you desire during a specified period.


If you have a family member in the Long-Term Care facility (managed by UniversalCare), you may have additional parking options. For more details, please contact Michael Griffin, Administrator for Mackenzie Health Long-Term Care Facility, UniversalCare, at 905-883-2442.


How can I pay?

You have two options when paying for parking inside the gated North and South visitor parking lots:

1.     With a credit card, insert your credit card when entering the lot (as opposed to selecting the “print ticket” option); when exiting the lot, at the gate, insert the same credit card. Your parking purchase will automatically be charged to your credit card.

2.     When entering the lot, at the gate, select the “print ticket” option; keep your ticket with you and pay for your parking at one of our Pay Stations prior to exiting the parking lot; payment can be made with either cash, debit (in parking office only) or credit card; when exiting the lot, at the gate, insert the ticket you received from the Pay Station.


Where are the Pay Stations located?

Pay Stations are located throughout the hospital, both inside and outside Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital:


Inside the hospital:

  • at the Main Hospital Entrance (C-Wing)
  • near the Emergency Department entrance (D-Wing)


Outside the hospital:

  • near the South visitor lot entrance (A-Wing)
  • beside the Parking Office (D-Wing)


Where is the Parking Office located?

The Parking Office is located near the entrance of the North visitor parking lot. Office hours are from 7:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Friday and from 9:30am – 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to contact the Parking Office at (905) 883-1212 ext. 3070 if you have any questions.  Intercom systems are at each entry and exit to assist visitors with parking issues and/or concerns.   


Parking revenues generate valuable funds for the hospital. We appreciate your support.

Mackenzie Health / 10 Trench St. Richmond Hill, On. L4C 4Z3 / Richmond Hill Line: 905-883-1212 or Vaughan Line: 905-832-4554 / TTY Service: 905-883-2123